The Ondamed™ system utilizes the following four main modules:

1. Patient Specific Frequency Module – is designed to work with very specific individual frequency values, but never more than 2 frequency values at one time.
2. Preset Programs Module –
is designed with 173 preset programs (combinations of different frequency values and modulations) for standard procedures like pain relief, cardiovascular regulation and many more.
3. Microorganism Module –
is designed to specifically work on microorganisms.
4. Nutritional Assessment and Application Point Module –
is designed to be used to support metabolic functions.

The Ondamed™ system also utilizes specific protocols designed with preset programs with special goals such as Anti-Aging, Anti-Stress and Meditation, Dental, Detoxification, Skin Care, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss. The most well known is the “Smoking Cessation” protocol, which is designed for those that want to stop smoking. The treatment deletes the addiction patterns of nicotine as well as caffeine and increases the detoxification qualities of the body as well as the oxygen exchange rates. If a patient is willing to stop smoking and abides by the following rules:

  • To drink a lot of fresh non sparkling water, and
  • To not eat or drink any substance that contains caffeine over the 12 hour period following treatment, and
  • To not smoke any cigarette or cigar over the 12 hour period following treatment, then

there is a fantastic chance to become a non smoking person. In many cases, there is only one Ondamed™ session necessary. In Europe, especially in 1 clinic in Denmark where thousands of people were treated with this protocol over a 4 year period, the success rate was over 90%.

The “Anti-Aging” protocol is designed to use “energy” to mitigate the effects of aging. Physicists define “energy” as the ability to do work. We all know what it is like to simply feel as if we don’t have any energy to do the things we wish to do. Although there are many factors that can compromise our physiology and accelerate the aging process, there are preventive steps that can be taken to maintain our energetic integrity and thereby maintain our natural state of longevity.

Anti-Aging medicine focuses on the factors that are integral to the restoration and maintenance of adequate energy supplies and the circulation of energy within our bodies so that vital processes can continue to function optimally throughout our lives. One focus is on providing metabolic energy to all parts of the immune system to maintain and even amplify the body’s natural defense and repair processes. A second focus is on the role of protons and electrons in energizing cellular processes. A third focus is on the role of electrons in resolving chronic inflammation and maintaining the “inflammatory preparedness” of the organism.

Ondamed™ - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy utilizes the role of electrons in reducing inflammation thru the use of the Ondamed™ device to cause charges to move about in tissues. Magnetic fields can introduce energy (micro-currents) within the body, either for diagnostic or treatment purposes. The Ondamed™ system is used to enable the identification of a patient’s condition in terms of an energetic imbalance that can be corrected by the application of low level pulsing electromagnetic fields of the appropriate frequencies. The Ondamed™ device stimulates the entry of mobile electrons into cells and their mitochondria. A successful immune response requires energy for the cells that must migrate to the injury sites. Electromagnetic healing technologies such as Ondamed™ appear to create movements of electrons in and around sites of inflammation.

The Ondamed™ system helps patients to maintain optimum health, vitality and longevity, which depends on maintaining the structural and functional integrity of our internal energetic systems, particularly the systems that energize the diverse activities of the immune systems.

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