It is estimated that the average adult human has approximately 50 to 75 trillion cells. All healing that takes place in one’s body is accomplished by you and a matrix of chemical and electromagnetic processes that are amazingly intelligent and that work together to do this healing at speeds that can accommodate instantaneous communication between these trillions of cells.

Ondamed™ is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The Ondamed™ device produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and “jump start” cellular activities. Ondamed™ induces these tiny micro-currents into the tissues and a form of biofeedback known as the “vascular autonomic signal (VAS)”, detected with the radial arterial pulse, is used to select the appropriate frequencies and anatomical locations for stimulation, which are unique to each patient.

The process begins with placing a magnetic applicator around the patient’s neck to introduce frequencies into their body. The practitioner then scans through a range of PEMF frequencies from 0.5 to 32,000 Hz by turning the wheel on the regulator. When a physiologically significant frequency is induced into the body via the applicator, there is a subtle but palpable change in the radial arterial pulse, which is the VAS. When a response is detected, the practitioner depresses a button on the regulator and the Ondamed™ stores the frequency in its memory. When the full range of frequencies has been scanned, the Ondamed™ is shifted to a treatment mode. The body is then scanned with a hand–held applicator that emits the same frequencies to which the body responded. The appropriate anatomical position of the applicator and the optimal distance from the body are determined by the radial arterial pulse. Various other applicators are available to treat large areas such as the spine or the abdomen. A second mode of operation involves using the radial arterial pulse to select between 173 preset programs with bundled frequency patterns, preset times and intensity. Each Ondamed™ treatment is unique to each patient and is independent of prior sessions. Although each therapy application depends on each patient’s conditions and findings, each session usually runs 30-45 minutes.

To observe and learn how an Ondamed™ treatment is performed, please (click here).

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