What is the Ondamed™ device programmed to use?
The Odamed™ device is programmed to use specific pulsed low frequencies to initiate improved metabolic functions while allowing cells and tissues to detoxify. Low frequencies can be explained simply as waves (ondas in Latin) that are many miles long with spaced particles of electromagnetic markers few and far between. By comparison, microwave ovens create heat by using high density particles in their shorter wavelength. Ondas are like waves on a lake, a slow ripple (some higher, some lower) brushed by the wind. Ondas are also like musical notes entering your consciousness, either one note or many notes at a time.

Will ondas by themselves CURE any disease?
No. Ondas are not expected to “cure” any disease, just as pharmaceutical painkillers do not cure any condition.

Will ondas harm my body?
Ondas, when used in conjunction with the reaction from your pulse and following specific protocols, will not harm your body.

Since I can’t see ondas, how will I know they are having a positive effect on my body?
When you stand in front of a truck with its motor running, you will experience all sorts of frequencies, just like when you stand in front of a microwave oven or participate in using certain medical testing equipment. Your mother-in-law, just by entering a room, gives off frequencies that may have a purpose, but are not always convenient for you. When your best friend comes over for coffee, you may notice a difference in frequencies affecting you. You feel ondas more by perception than by activity and your body adjusts to them in numerous ways in less than nano-seconds. When you feel better after an Ondamed™ treatment, you will know that ondas are having a positive effect on your body.

Can ondas promise a “feeling better” effect all the time?
Yes. When we understand that some ondas work quicker than others, a “feeling better” effect can be experienced all the time. For example, after several months of weekly Ondamed™ treatments, a 98 year old woman did not really feel any better as far as her lower back pain was concerned, but she could breathe a little better after every session, she had better bowel movements and she slept better. However, when she had not received ondas for a few weeks, she felt more pain.

Will ondas affect treatments for severe illnesses?
Yes, because the radial arterial pulse clearly identifies what your body prefers from minute to minute. When the appropriate ondas are chosen, the body uses only what it identifies as affecting those issues the body has recognized as having needs and leaves the rest as nonresponsive. One may feel so good because the illness bothering them has been significantly reduced or totally eliminated.

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Do only ill people use ondas?
No. We are all exposed to ondas at all times wherever we are in the world. The body responds to hundreds of commands for protection or correction from the instructions it receives from the brain via miles of connective tissue that are exposed to ondas whether we are ill or healthy.

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Can ondas predict problems that could occur later?
Yes. In Ondamed™ methodology there is a built in effect of recognizing “focus points” that are intensifying the radial arterial pulse. When a patient is tested, one can often predict future medical issues based on the focus points. For example, when a patient has a focus point that shows up on one side or the other of their face, often times that patient will develop a tooth ache or sinus inflammation/infection days later.

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In cases of inflammation, will ondas make it get worse”?
No, but it is very likely that ondas will lessen the effect because your body has been made aware of the possibility of inflammation and may react to it sooner rather than later. Although some effects of inflammation are considered life threatening, by using ondas regularly or intermittently, the cause of the inflammation most likely will be dramatically reduced.

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Do ondas from Ondamed™ treatments help in bone strength as well as soft tissue?
Yes. Ondas have long been known to positively affect bone fractures and bone strength as well as having been used for many years in tissue strengthening.

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Do ondas affect Anti-Aging and free radicals?
Yes. Ondas support the refreshing/renewal of tissue by reducing the destructiveness of free radicals that directly affect health. Ondas are integral to the restoration and maintenance of adequate energy supplies and the circulation of energy within our bodies so that vital processes can continue to function optimally throughout our lives.

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Are there additional resources available to provide more information on this therapy?

Yes, additional resources are available from the official Ondamed™ website at: http://www.ondamed.net

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