You can experience great success with the Zone™ Living Plan and stay in the Zone™ with the following tips:

Set realistic goals with boundaries and limits.

Determine what you want, when you’ll get it, what it takes to maintain it and most importantly, what the goal will do for you.

If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up.

Assess your hunger and mental focus before a meal. If you are not hungry and are maintaining good mental focus, you are in the Zone™.

Always eat within one hour of waking. Eat five times a day; three Zone™ meals and two Zone™ snacks with a control on the intake of protein and carbohydrates. The best time to eat is when you are not hungry because that is when your blood sugar levels are stable.

When you are starting out, don’t get caught up in measuring or bogged down with attaining absolute precision in portion sizes. Instead, use your eyes and hands to guide your portions.

Eat a small amount of protein at every meal to tell the brain you are not hungry.

Focus your carbohydrate choices on fiber-rich vegetables and fruits in order to make it practically impossible to eat an amount of carbohydrates that could increase insulin levels and take you out of the Zone™.
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