Most dietary advice is totally conflicting and sometimes downright dangerous to one’s health. That’s why it is essential to understand these seven (7) key Zone™ Facts, which are based on research into the power of hormones.

ZONE™ FACT #1: Excess insulin makes one fat and keeps one fat. – Excess levels of insulin are caused by two things: eating too many carbohydrates at any one meal or eating too many calories at any one meal. Americans tend to do both simultaneously, which is why they are the fattest people on earth, even though, on the whole, they eat less fat today than they did 15 years ago.

ZONE™ FACT #2: One’s stomach is politically incorrect. – One’s stomach is a giant vat of acid that can’t tell a Snickers bar from 2 ounces of pasta. Now most people would not eat four Snickers bars at one sitting, but it’s very easy to eat 8 ounces of pasta that will send their insulin levels soaring, which in turn makes them fat and keeps them that way.

ZONE™ FACT #3: Everyone is not genetically the same. – When it comes to handling carbohydrates, some people do better than others. Unfortunately, about 75% of people make too much insulin when they eat too many carbohydrates. This spikes their blood sugar, which then falls too quickly, making them tired and hungry for more carbohydrates. How can one tell if they are carbohydrate sensitive? By eating a big pasta meal at noon and then seeing how they feel three hours later. If one is hungry and having trouble staying awake, they are carbohydrate sensitive.

ZONE™ FACT #4: It takes fat to burn fat. – The right types of fat play a positive role in controlling the insulin response to carbohydrates because fat slows the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, thereby decreasing the production of insulin. Fat also sends a hormonal signal to the brain that says, “Stop Eating”, which reduces the calories one eats causing less insulin to be made. However, remember that not all fats are created equal.

ZONE™ FACT #5: The primary predictor of heart disease is high levels of insulin. – Surprisingly, the best predictor of heart disease isn’t high cholesterol or high blood pressure, it is elevated levels of insulin. How can you tell if you are at risk? Look in the mirror. If you are fat and shaped like an apple, you have elevated levels of insulin. However, one can be thin and still have elevated levels of insulin.

ZONE™ FACT #6: Carbohydrates are drugs that can accelerate aging. – Although we need some carbohydrates at every meal for optimal brain function, like any drug taken in excess, carbohydrates have a toxic side effect; the overproduction of insulin. One of the primary causes of aging is the long-term excess production of insulin, which accelerates the development of chronic disease.

ZONE™ FACT #7: The Zone™ is not a high-protein diet. – A high-protein diet is exactly that; you eat excessive amounts of protein, often rich in saturated fat. In the Zone™ Diet, you generally don’t eat more than 3 to 4 ounces of low-fat protein at any one meal, which is what almost every nutritionist recommends. Although high-protein diets are popular, they are virtually guaranteed to fail in providing permanent weight loss. If followed for an extended period of time, high-protein diets will most likely increase one’s risk for heart disease.

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