“The ideal of maintaining drugs within a therapeutic zone is well known to physicians. Below that therapeutic zone, the drug is ineffective, and above that therapeutic zone, the drug is toxic. The same concept can be applied to the hormones generated by the food we eat. There are two hormonal systems that are controlled by the diet. These are eicosanoids and insulin (1-3). Eicosanoids are controlled by the balance of the dietary intake of essential fatty acids, and insulin is controlled by the balance of protein to carbohydrate at every meal. Moreover, there is a great deal of interaction between these two hormone systems. Maintaining these two hormone systems within appropriate zones that define a state of wellness is the goal of the OmegaZone™ Dietary Program.

Such a hormonal Zone is not some mystical place, since it can be defined by specific blood tests. The benefits of maintaining the patient in the Zone is that inflammation will be decreased and blood flow increased thus improving virtually every chronic disease condition. The blood tests that define the Zone for the treatment of chronic disease are ultimately the same tests that can be used to define wellness. The concept of evidence-based wellness is ideally suited for the physician since it requires consistent blood monitoring of patients to determine whether or not they are remaining well.” (Excerpt from The OmegaZone™ Dietary Program and Eicosanoid Modulation – The Role of Eicosanoids and Chronic Disease by Dr. Barry Sears, Sears Labs) (Click to download the PDF.)

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