75% of Americans suffer from Silent Inflammation, many without knowing it. Silent Inflammation is chronic low-level inflammation that exists below the threshold of pain, making it hard to detect. Silent Inflammation not only makes you fat and keeps you fat, if left unchecked it slowly erodes one’s wellness by constantly attacking the heart, brain and immune function, which eventually leads to chronic health conditions. One can easily find out if they might have elevated levels of Silent Inflammation by taking the following Quiz.

  Are you overweight?  
  Are you always craving carbohydrates?  
  Are you constantly hungry?  
  Are you tired, especially after exercise?  
  Are your fingernails brittle?  
  Is your hair limp with little texture?  
  Are you constipated?  
  Do you sleep excessively?  
  Are you groggy upon waking?  
  Do you have a lack of mental concentration?  
  Do you lack a sense of well-being?  
  Do you have headaches?  
  Are you constantly fatigued?  
  Do you have dry skin?  

If you answered YES to more than three questions, you probably have elevated levels of Silent Inflammation and should seriously consider getting a blood test to ascertain your Silent Pain Index (SPI), which identifies a critical bio-marker of inflammation and provides a unique insight into your current and future wellness.

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