Understanding inflammation is complex. One’s body needs some inflammation to repel microbial invasions and help heal injuries, but unless the inflammatory response is eventually turned off, it begins attacking one’s body. There are two types of inflammation. The first type is classical inflammation, which causes one to feel pain and results in one seeking something to stop the pain. The second type, silent inflammation, is a far more dangerous, chronic, low-level inflammation that is below the perception of pain and is cellular inflammation. Since there is no pain associated with cellular inflammation, it can exist in the body without notice for years, if not decades. The consequences of cellular inflammation are obesity and a reduction in peak mental and physical performance. One can easily find out if they might have elevated levels of silent inflammation by taking the Silent Inflammation Quiz.

The driving force for weight gain is cellular inflammation. The cause of increased inflammation is a natural fat known as arachidonic acid. This fatty acid can be thought of as Toxic Fat because, in high concentrations, it can kill by increasing cellular inflammation. Increased levels of Toxic Fat are the direct result of one’s diet and there is no drug that can reduce it. Toxic Fat is caused by the combination of a high intake of high glycemic-index carbohydrates (like corn and wheat) coupled with an increased consumption of vegetable oils (corn, soy, sunflower, safflower) that are rich in omega-6 fatty acids. When these two dietary components combine, the result is an increase in Toxic Fat that activates one’s Fat Trap. Not surprisingly, these two dietary staples (cheap carbohydrates and cheap vegetable oils) have become the primary source of calories in the American diet in the last 25 years.

Through a complex series of biochemical events explained by Dr. Sears in his book Toxic Fat , cellular inflammation activates a Fat Trap in one’s body. Once this Fat Trap is activated, incoming dietary calories get trapped in one’s fat cells and can’t be released to make the chemical energy necessary for survival and physical activity. In addition, once this Fat Trap is activated, constant hunger and fatigue are virtually guaranteed because the body’s normal conversion of dietary calories to chemical energy has been compromised. One will either start consuming more calories (becoming a glutton) hoping that the additional calories can escape the Fat Trap to produce the chemical energy one needs or one will slow down physical activity (becoming a sloth) to conserve existing chemical energy. Being a glutton and/or a sloth are not the causes of weight gain, but the result of a genetic Fat Trap activated by increased levels of insulin caused by cellular inflammation.

At the molecular level, the control of cellular inflammation involves the control of the ancient genetic master switch that is controlled by the diet. If this master switch is turned on, it results in widespread amplification of cellular inflammation throughout the body. One’s diet is significant in turning “on and off” the body’s inflammatory responses. Fat cells are programmed to help control the spread of inflammation throughout the body. When fat cells are overwhelmed by external factors, such as bad diet, stress and genetics, the Silent Inflammation Cycle begins. Eicosanoids trigger and elevated Insulin levels accelerate silent inflammation within fat cells, which promotes weight gain. If Insulin is not controlled by the diet, excess Cortisol production cannot be regulated and continues fueling the Silent Inflammation Cycle by being released to control the silent inflammation within the fat cells. If the Silent Inflammation Cycle continues unchecked, silent inflammation exits the fat cells, enters the plasma and becomes systemic. When fat cells go bad, Eicosanoids, the body’s most powerful hormones that controls the heart, brain and immune system go bad too.

Optimal Eicosanoid balance is controlled by the types of dietary fat we eat. Omega-3 fats rich in EPA and DHA are the best fats to help control silent inflammation both within the cell and systemically. As compared with any food source, daily supplementation with highly purified Omega-3 concentrates enriched with EPA/DHA has the fastest and most dramatic effect on silent inflammation levels throughout the body. OmegaRx™ by Zone Labs meets this high standard for Omega-3 fats rich in EPA and DHA.

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