There are three clinical tests that define the Zone™. The most important of these tests is the AA/EPA ratio in the plasma phospholipids. This represents the gold standard for wellness since it provides a precise estimate of the dynamic balance of “good” and “bad eicosanoids throughout the entire body.

The next important test is the fasting insulin level. This is the best indirect marker of the extent of insulin resistance in the patient (10). Finally, there is the ratio of fasting triglycerides (TG) to high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol. The TG/HDL ratio is a less precise, but very inexpensive test that is a surrogate marker for fasting insulin levels.

The clinical parameters that can determine the extent of wellness in the patient are shown below:

These same clinical tests that define the Zone™ also define wellness. This now makes it possible to focus on evidence-based wellness as a legitimate medical reality. The OmegaZone™ Dietary Program can alter each of these clinical parameters that define the Zone™ and thus move a patient toward an increased state of wellness within 30 days. (Excerpt from The OmegaZone™ Dietary Program and Eicosanoid Modulation – The Role of Eicosanoids and Chronic Disease by Dr. Barry Sears, Sears Labs) (Click to download the PDF).

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