By living in the Zone™, you will look, feel and live your best because hormonal balance will be achieved and silent inflammation will be controlled and maintained throughout the day. When you follow the Zone™ Living Plan, you will benefit by:

Slowing the aging process and reducing health risks associated with silent inflammation. – The primary cause of premature aging is eicosanoid imbalance and its ability to increase the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Reducing excess body fat so your clothes will fit better. – By controlling insulin, you can finally experience fat loss, which will result in decreased blood sugar, blood lipid and blood pressure levels.

Eliminating hunger and fatigue. – If insulin is not controlled, hunger and fatigue will result because of low blood sugar, which will make you cranky and irritable between meals.

Eliminating constant cravings for sugars and sweets. – Your constant cravings for sugars and sweets are the result of a poor food choice that increased insulin.

Burning fat faster and maintaining peak energy and performance throughout the day. – By controlling insulin, you will burn stored body fat as your primary energy source, which will result in increased physical energy.

Improving mental focus and acuity, especially as the day wears on. – Controlling insulin guarantees that your blood sugar won’t yo-yo all day long. When you make the right food choices that assist in controlling insulin, you will awake refreshed, enjoy better concentration and won’t get foggy mentally.

Improving the ability to handle stress. – Daily supplementation with ultra-refined OmegaRx™ will improve brain chemistry, making you feel less anxious, less depressed and much more at ease.

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