The Zone™ was developed by Dr. Barry Sears, Medical Researcher and creator of the Zone™ Diet. The Zone™ Living Plan is a balanced, moderate lifestyle that is easy to follow using the foods one enjoys.

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Zone™ Living is not about low-fat meals, fat-free carbohydrates, high protein regimens, or prolonged hunger and deprivation. Zone™ Living is an approach to eating designed to help one’s body achieve the hormonal balance one needs for optimal weight loss, as well as for optimal heart, brain and immune function by controlling Silent Inflammation within one’s cells. Nobody wants to be fat. What makes us fat and keeps us fat is not a lack of willpower, but a lack of hormonal balance usually caused by Silent Inflammation. At the molecular level, cellular inflammation disrupts hormonal balance activating the genes that makes one fat. Cellular inflammation also triggers the development of diabetes, heart disease and a wide variety of other chronic conditions. Click “Silent Inflammation”.

Approximately 75% of the U.S. population has a genetic predisposition to easily gain weight. One can’t change their genes, but they can change their gene’s expression with the diet they follow. The foods we eat are the key to our success in controlling the balance of the three hormones (insulin, coritisol and eicosanoids) controlled by the diet that regulates Silent Inflammation and weight loss. The levels of these hormones dramatically increase as we age and must be normalized to help control this delicate hormonal balance for us to stay within the Zone™. Click “What is the Zone™?”. The hormonal Zone™ can be defined by specific blood tests. Click “Clinical Tests That Define the Zone™”. Maintaining these hormone systems within appropriate zones that helps reduce Silent Inflammation and defines a state of wellness is the goal of the OmegaZone™ Dietary Program. Click “What is the OmegaZone™ Dietary Program?”.

The driving force for weight gain is increased cellular inflammation, which is caused by a natural fat known as arachidonic acid. Just think of this fatty acid as Toxic Fat because in high concentrations, it can kill by increasing cellular inflammation. Increased levels of Toxic Fat are purely a consequence of one’s diet. There is no drug that can reduce Toxic Fat, but the anti-inflammatory Zone™ 1-2-3 Program was designed by Dr. Barry Sears to do just that. The Zone™ 1-2-3 Program is based on the Zone™ Wellness Pyramid.

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The Zone™ Wellness Pyramid consists of the following four levels:

Level 1: Zone™Diet – In the food we eat, the key is striking the right balance of low fat protein, low glycemic-load carbohydrates (most nuts and fruits) and healthy fats. A Zone™ meal consists of 1/3rd low fat protein and 2/3rds vegetables and fruits with a dash of heart healthy fat, such as olive oil, avocado or slivered almonds. The Zone™ Diet is supplemented with patented OmegaZone™ Bars from Zone™ Labs, which can be used as a meal replacement or simply as a snack.

Click “Getting Started on the Zone™ Diet” for video by Dr. Sears.

Level 2: OmegaRx™ – This is a highly purified Omega-3 concentrate enriched with EPA & DHA that is critically important for improved cardiovascular and brain function. It is like monounsaturated fats in that it acts as a powerful brake on insulin production to help keep Silent Inflammation within a therapeutic zone. OmegaRx™ is essential for reducing Silent Inflammation and maximizing healthy, energetic weight loss and life-long sustainable weight control.

Click “Fish Oil” for video by Dr. Sears.

Level 3: Polyphenols – These are the “Best of the Best” from fruits and vegetables. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that help improve the efficiency of Omega-3’s to decrease Silent Inflammation and enable the body’s efficient use of nutrients.

Level 4: Condition-Specific Supplements and Exercise – Condition-specific supplements such as Catalyn (a multi-vitamin), Vitamin D3, and Cardio-Plus are extremely beneficial in maintaining wellness when combined with Levels 1 through 3 of the Zone™ Wellness Pyramid. Daily exercise, such as walking 20 to 30 minutes with a varied routine is fundamental to maintaining weight and maximizing life-long wellness.

One doesn’t need hype to lose weight, they need proven science. The key to the Zone™ 1-2-3 Program is maintaining hormonal balance to reduce cellular inflammation. This means that every time one makes a food choice, their hormones are going to change depending on what they eat. Once one learns how to make the correct food choices to control their hormones, they have the key to silencing inflammatory genes. This is a powerful statement that is backed by the latest research in molecular biology. Unless one restores hormonal balance, they will never be successful losing weight and keeping it off. Begin the Zone™ Living Plan now to experience a balanced, moderate lifestyle that is easy to follow using the foods one enjoys.

For additional information on the Zone™ Living Plan, click Zone™ Facts, Benefits of Zone™ Living, and Zone™ Tips.

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