The HCG diet plan, which is based on decades of research by Dr. Albert Simeons, a British endocrinologist, has allowed people to lose weight rapidly and sustain the weight loss long term.

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Diet Plan Facts

The HCG protocol combines HCG drops (200 IU (0.25ml) sublingual, twice a day) with a Very Low Calorie Diet (500 calories). One may wonder if 500 calories a day will leave them too hungry to stay motivated on the diet. One of the facts of the HCG diet plan is that the HCG drops actually helps them to feel satisfied on just 500 calories a day. This happens because HCG instructs the hypothalamus to release 2,000-3,000 calories in stored body fat every day. This is plenty to supplement the 500 calories in food without resulting in hunger. One of the great motivating factors is that the HCG diet weight loss plan sees quick results. When you see pounds and inches falling off, it is easy to stay motivated. Women could lose an average of ½ to 1 lb per day, whereas men could lose slightly more. Also,you could experience an overall body reshape in a good way.

Eat the foods specified in the plan and don’t eat the foods that are not allowed. One can pretty much eat anything actually on this diet for as long as they stay within the 500 calorie limit. Of course, since one is trying to lose weight, they should opt for healthier food options, like fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, but not any processed foods. One should drink at least 64 ounces of water each day and not use any personal care products made with oil. Simply choosing the parts you want to follow and ignoring the rest will only lead to failure to reach or sustain one’s weight loss goals. Don’t cheat!

The HCG diet plan involved in taking HCG drops typically lasts at least 45 days. Out of those 45 days, 25 involve taking a daily dose of HCG drops, while the remaining 20 days are required to give one’s body enough time to flush the HCG hormone from their system and gradually increase the daily caloric intake of food.

Beginning The Diet Plan

If one plans on engaging in the HCG diet plan, the first thing that they need to remember is to be ready. This diet is very restrictive and it will require them to stick to eating specific food types in certain amounts for faster weight loss. At the same time, they will have to take their regular doses of HCG drops for that 25 day diet period.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Before starting the HCG diet plan, be prepared as it will surely be very difficult, especially during the first few days as one’s body will just be starting to adjust.
  • In order to make sure this diet plan will be safe, it is advisable that one consults with the doctor, who will help assess their body condition and provide the proper instructions on how much weight they may need to lose.
  • The first phase of the HCG weight loss plan is the “loading phase”. This happens during the first 2 days of the 25 day period. During this phase, one begins the HCG drops and gets to eat all the food that they want as they need to load up enough energy and essential nutrients to sustain themselves during the rest of the days while on the diet plan.
  • The second phase is the “very low calorie phase”, which lasts for 23 days and is the hard part where the real work begins. During this phase, one will be required to decrease their calorie consumption to only 500 calories per day along with their regular doses of HCG drops. Since this is a very restrictive diet, certain food types will need to be eliminated, such as sugar, carbohydrates, and fats as these items are what contribute so much to weight gain. One will be allowed to drink only those liquids that do not have sugar or caffeine and will be given fruits for dessert so as to satisfy sweet cravings. At the same time, they need to stick to eating 3½ ounces of lean meat per day and consume only specific kinds of vegetables.
  • The third phase is the “stabilization phase”, which lasts for 20 days and is where one will stop taking the HCG drops and begin to increase their caloric intake to 800 for women and 1,000 for men. This phase lasts for 20 days before they can return to a normal and healthy diet.

To succeed with the HCG diet plan, the HCG protocol must be strictly followed. If this occurs, HCG dieters have a 70% long-term success rate (meaning 70% will keep the weight off), which is unheard of with any other diet in the history of diets. Strictly following the HCG diet protocol should result in long-term weight loss success.

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Benefits of HCG Drops

So what do HCG drops do? HCG drops can make quick work of those unwanted fats because, like any good solution, they attack the root of the problem. In the case of weight loss, it’s low metabolism and hunger pangs, both controlled by the body through the hypothalamus. By regulating the metabolism and keeping hunger pangs at bay, HCG as a hormone is able to make the results of one’s weight loss efforts last for a longer time. Since one will need to burn off fat anyway all throughout their lives, a single spike in their metabolic rate won’t be able to sustain their fat-burning requirements. By making one’s body a more efficient fat-burning machine, they will no longer need those spikes because they will be enjoying the best fat-burning rate one is capable of all the time. Additionally, hunger pangs kept at bay means one won’t be snacking throughout the day, thus, preventing the consumption of all those extra calories. When there are no extra calories being consumed, there isn’t any to store, thereby keeping the fat stores to a minimum. After all, a minimum of fat stores means less to burn off in order to achieve weight loss.

HCG drops are also excellent for dealing with problem areas because they are capable of releasing fat from these problem areas so one doesn’t have to worry about the first-in, last-out dilemma. Since these problem areas will easily be dealt with, the body should be reshaped as well.

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Diet Plan Tips

Although the HCG diet plan is not being called the “Weight Loss Solution” for nothing, there are a few tips that can help make the program successful.

1. Stick to the Diet – The way the HCG interacts with the body means you should get significant weight loss, but it also means that if you introduce fatty foods or sugar to your body while it is under the effect of the HCG, it will soak it up resulting in higher than normal weight gain in reaction to the foods ingested. So having that one bite or two of your favorite dessert will actually undo all the hard work you’ve put in for an entire day and maybe even more.

2. Keep Ready Made Meals On Hand – The hardest time to stick to a diet is when you’re starving. When you’re on a 500 calorie diet (even with the distraction from hunger that the HCG provides) you’re going to have moments when you feel like you have to eat right now, so keep extra prepared meals on hand. Whenever you prepare a meal, make it double or whatever you think will work for you and then take the leftovers and package them up in handy individual size servings for later use.

3. Drink Various Herbal Teas With Stevia – In addition to water, this Is the only “limitless” item on the HCG diet, so if you like it, you’ll have a much easier time of it for the duration of the diet. One of the main food additives that aides HCG dieters in sticking to their meal plan is Stevia.

Stevia is a South American herb that has been in use as a sweetener for hundreds of years. Stevia comes from the leaves of a small, green stevia rebaudiana plant. It offers a delicious and refreshing taste that is said to be up to 30 times sweeter than sugar. It fulfills the “all natural” element that the diet is based on and brings extra benefits to users as well. Stevia conveniently reduces cravings for fatty and sugary foods and it is an exceptional weight loss supplement because of its zero calorie content.

New research indicates that Stevia may have an even greater use for dieters than previously believed. It is being concluded that a defect may exist between the stomach and the hypothalamus, in many people who are overweight or obese, that fails to turn off the hunger sensation when the individual is full. Early indications are that Stevia corrects the defect so that the hunger mechanism functions correctly. In addition to being good for weight loss, Stevia is a positive in fighting both diabetes and breast cancer.

4. Take Advantage of “Seasonings” – Lemon juice in your water can make a huge difference. When you serve up another meal of grilled chicken, have a variety of spices available so that you feel like you’re having something new and exciting. HCG dieters have even suggested that drizzling lemon juice on a cut up apple serves as a very tasty dessert.

Sticking to the HCG diet is very possible because the low calorie diet in combination with the HCG’s effect on the body ensures that one’s body doesn’t go into starvation mode. One might be psychologically “starving” though so make sure to have a meal plan and stick to it. It will be much easier once you start seeing the pounds fall off, which should happen for most HCG dieters almost immediately.

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