The HCG Weight Loss Protocol is a natural sustainable and effective option for weight loss without a requirement to sweat it out in the gym or starve oneself. HCG can change the way you live, feel, and most importantly, eat.

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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy. HCG has a profound effect on the metabolism of pregnant women. The hormone, which helps ensure the developing fetus gets enough calories while in the womb, can also work wonders on the waistlines of women who are not pregnant as well as men.

Normally, when the body is placed on a very calorie restricted diet, it will immediately do what it does best – save calories! Since the body assumes that there is a famine on the way, it slows its metabolism down to a crawl and hangs on to fat while preferentially burning muscle protein for fuel. So, one may lose weight while on a very low calorie diet, but the loss includes precious muscle, not just fat. To have a successful long-term weight loss, only fat should be burned, not muscle.

The HCG Weight Loss program and HCG diet “flips the switch” in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls fat metabolism and storage. It tells the body it’s OK to start burning its own fat instead of protein, which is a good thing for people with lots of stored fat. Another advantage of “switching” the body to burn its fat stores is that fat released into the blood stream makes one feel as if they have eaten and thus turns off their appetite. This is known as the ketosis effect. With calories now in the bloodstream, the appetite center says, “Look, I’ve got all this food around here so I no longer need to stimulate your appetite.” Their hunger is now diminished and they feel content. HCG plus the ketosis effect enables one to refuse to eat more than 500 calories a day!

The HCG Weight Loss Protocol is all about calorie restriction – the HCG drops just makes it doable. Patients are restricted to 500-800 calories a day of very specific foods; essentially meat and vegetables (Click HCG Diet Menu).  The net effect of this protocol could be a weight loss that ranges from ½ to two pounds a day. Patients should routinely lose 25-30 pounds with this program and some have reported losing 40 pounds in 40 days! After 6 weeks, the body’s metabolism has been “re-trained” and patients will find their appetite has decreased, their cravings will be less and their eating behavior will be healthier. The HCG diet is then relaxed to a less restrictive, healthy regimen that will help keep them healthy and lean for many years. 

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