• Broad spectrum of medical healing effects (general strengthening, desensitizing, stimulating and anti-inflammatory) in various illnesses.
  • Stimulation of factors of non-specific defense and immunity.
  • Anti-hypoxic, vasodilatory effects and improvements of the rheological (flow, structure, etc.) of the blood and the microcirculation.
  • Activation of metabolic processes and improvement of their regulation.
  • Stimulation of hematopoiesis (making blood cells) and regeneration.
  • Rapid positive changes in cell and blood plasma.
  • Normalizing effect on those processes and functions that are below normal and of those that are high, i.e. auto-immune attack and low immune response.


  • Within minutes, venous oxygen levels rise and can remain higher for weeks after treatments. Cyanosis (blue coloration) tends to clear up rapidly, metabolism improves and lower extremity circulation improves.
  • Improvement of the ability of the tissues to extract oxygen. Feet may feel warm even though arteries remain occluded because of tissue oxygen extraction.


  • Platelets benefit from BPT. When platelets are deformed as a result of disease, BPT seems to reshape them into a normal pattern. Serotonin in platelets gives off a faint luminescence following BPT while platelets themselves can give off a strong luminescence in plasma. Platelets also develop greater electrophoretic mobility.
  • Red blood cells register changes in their membranes including expression of antigens. There is improvement in rheological (flow) characteristics and a drop in blood viscosity. Red blood cell aggregation is greatly reduced as is their deformation. Similar changes take place in platelets.
  • BPT boosts the anti-oxidative capacity of the blood by activating peroxidase. This activation has reached 40-50% above normal levels.

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